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Great Coffee takes gumption.

All along the chain of production, specialty coffee involves all manner of folk with gumption - gumption to identify that special plot of land and earmark it for a specific variety of coffee, to tough out the growing years, to nurture and wait, to say "yes, we start picking now", to experiment with processing methods, and eventually the gumption to proudly present the coffee to buyers and say, "this is my coffee."

Great coffee takes gumption on the part of the roaster to pick it on the cupping table and roast in ways that boldly express the intents of both grower and roaster.

Baristas with gumption understand their place in this chain, know when to get out of the way, and let the coffee speak for itself.

Customers with gumption know coffee's true value and where to find it.

Gumption can be found at:

Shop 11, The Strand Arcade

NSW 2000 


(shop open 15 mins after these times for bean sales not drinks)
Monday 8am–5:15pm 
Tuesday 8am–5:15pm
Wednesday 8am–5:15pm
Friday 9am–5:15pm 

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