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Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)

Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Product image 1Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Product image 2Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Product image 3Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)
Product image 4Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)

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Available in Natural and Charcoal color

Keeps your coffee hotter for longer

Huskee Cup’s unique thermal properties will keep your coffee hotter for longer. So whether you are at home, on the go, or dining in at a café, you can expect an improved coffee experience.

Comfortable to hold

HuskeeCup has a slim and grip-able form. And it’s fins are not only an iconic design feature – they also protect your hands from the heat of your drink. You’re going to love the way that it feels to hold HuskeeCup (whether with one hand or both)!

Durable and dishwasher friendly

HuskeeCup is designed to last for years (even in a cafe environment). It’s durable and it doesn’t chip or crack easily. We have tested it in even the most rigorous café environments, running it through the dishwasher dozens of times a day.


A coffee cup made for cafes, home users & on-the-go coffee drinkers. HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material.

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