Goodness Galileo


Our house blend. This is our standard bearer for milk drinks: cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. Its rich notes of chocolate take you home at the first sip, then the.....

Huskee Cup with Lid (8oz/237ml)


Available in Natural and Charcoal color Keeps your coffee hotter for longerHuskee Cup’s unique thermal properties will keep your coffee hotter for longer. So whether you are at home, on.....

Christmas Pudding


LIMITED EDITION Christmas Espresso Roast Brewdolph is at is again! Roasting up a delicious espresso roast for the perfect stocking filler!   A zesty start that settles with pudding like.....

Bauble Bright


LIMITED EDITION Christmas Filter Roast Brewdolph is at is again! Roasting up a delicious filter for the perfect stocking filler!   Full of cheer and whimsy, this filter blend tickles.....

Christmas Blend Sampler


A selection of any four 250g bags of beans. Perfect for trying a few different types or getting presents for friends and family...

Christmas Huskee Pack

$29.00 $35.00

A fantastic introduction to Coffee Alchemy, a reusable cup paired with our Limited Edition Christmas Pudding! -Natural OR Charcoal colour 8oz HUSKEE Cup with Lid made with recycled coffee husks!.....



AeroPress brews delicious coffee, yielding 1-4 cups per pressing. Ideal water temperature and faster brewing yields rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness. Total immersion of the grounds in.....

Christmas V60 Starter Pack


Gift box includes: 1 x 1 cup V60 dripper 1 x pack of V60 filter papers 300g bag of Bauble Bright Christmas filter coffee..

Organic Panela Sugar


Organic Panela Sugar from the Valle Del Cauca region of Colombia Panela, produced from unrefined sugar cane juice, contains natural trace minerals as well as the deep flavours of the.....

Drinking Chocolate


DAIRY FREE VEGAN Ingredients: cocoa, sugar 500g resealable bag ..

Dove Tail


Like the tongue to a groove or the pick to a lock, Dovetail is the blend that fits snugly into soy milk and opens into a rich and textured drinking.....

Christmas Aeropress Hamper


Large Gift box includes: 1 x aeropress coffee maker 1 x Coffee Alchemy engraved measuring scoop 300g bag of Bauble Bright Christmas filter coffee A total value of $80  .....

Comandante Grinder


Grinding coffee with the Comandante C40 (MK3) Nitro Blade Grinder is an experience as much as it is a process. The 100% Natural Oak Wood knob fits the hand perfectly......

May The Brew Be With You - T-Shirt


May the Brew Be With You!   Celebrate your love of coffee and Star Wars with this insightful tshirt. Printed locally on AS Colour Staple tees. Regular fit Crew neck.....